Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1: What’s new?

Windows 10

1) Start Button strikes back

2) Cortana coming to PCs

3) Microsoft Edge

4)  Windows 10 interface will adapt via Continuum

5) Multiple desktops debut

6) Flexible security updates

7) Improved multitasking

8) MDM built in


Impact of Event Driven Programing Paradigm on Real world

The real world works according to events. People make unique choices according to the conditions they are put in. In this paper, an event driven approach is talked about and the impacts it has had on various fields with its evolution. Three of which have been discussed in the paper. At the lower level, basic sequences are coded in elementary software objects called function blocks which prove their functionality when called or used. At the upper level, the execution of such blocks is carried out according to the desired sequences forced by a controller.The interaction of the user with the computer used to be limited to the sequential file, this all changed with the arrival of event driven programs the user can now engage the computer while it is running other tasks.


Day by day our world is getting modernized. We need to adapt new technology to survive in the world of competitors. So people try to introduce the new technology and outdate the previous one. Similarly in the case of networks we make enhanced versions of networks. 4G is faster than 3G network with less buffering, better audio quality, streaming services with reduced lag and improved gaming experience. The evolution of 5G networks will make our lives even more easier. 5G technology will work on sustainability , efficiency. It will be using space-saving approach. It will also help in minimizing the energy requirements of web device and network infrastructure.


Abstract– In today’s world, technology make things easier and potable. People still face problem in carrying and handling laptops along with them. For solving this problem, Mobile application developer develops application as per user requirement. But it is a great problem for the application developer to deploy same application on every platform. This problem has been solved by cross platform mobile application development kit.

Keywords- Single Code, “Code Once, Deploy Many”, platform independent.

Impact of mobile application in learning methodology

A mobile phone is the most ubiquitous tool today. From a humble beginning of just being able to make or receive a call on it, it can be practically used as mini-computer these days. What makes mobile phones especially convenient to use for doing previously computer-specific tasks (such as reading mails or reading e-books) is its portability. Everyone has one and the smartphone market is catching up too. In Asia, mobile penetration has doubled within a short span of time. Also relevant is the fact that mobile phone ownership is increasingly more common in the lower socio-economic segments of society. Mobile phones are an especially good ‘leapfrogged’ since they use the radio spectrum. There is, therefore, less need for new physical infrastructure such as roads and phone wires, and base-stations can be powered via generators in places where there is no electrical grid. Finally, mobile phones allow transfer of data over long distances through mobile applications which are especially useful for people living in remote areas. This paper presents the uses and effect of a mobile application in the education sector. Different statistical data of the effect of mobile applications in the education sector has been presented here to express the impact. The paper also presents some points of the effect of mobile application on the society as a whole.